The most awesome first blog ever

I will try to play it cool and act as if I didn’t read how-to’s for blogging. Yeah, well, in fact, I did, and what most of them said was “write for yourself at first and maybe the Awedience (yes, I call readers an “Awedience”, I’m crazy like that) will come later”. I wrote and re-wrote this five times up until now (fine, I’m too bored to re-write, just roll with this) and I see that writing just for myself is not only egoistical, but also a little bit sad; I already talk to myself (or to inanimate objects around me), so writing to myself (on the Internet) seems a little bit weird. So, I shall make it more weird and sad and pretend I already have readers an Awedience.

So, for those of you who know me personally, I have many inside jokes coming on. For those of you who don’t, let’s make some new inside jokes! Sure, why not (See? This already feels like talking to myself, the only difference is that I’m also typing it; if you could also cheer and laugh and shed a tear or two, it would be much appreciated)!

Let’s define what this blog is going to be about. It’s all about something I haven’t defined yet. But I will. Because defining definitions definitely define dolphins (Oh, that was bad. And sad. Just cheer and laugh and pretend it was good. I go in a very dark place once I fail to deliver a good joke; but, hey! we have our first in-joke! Defining dolphins… It will sound funnier after a couple of years, I promise).

Many people blog about their interests. While I find that interesting, I don’t really feel I can do just that, since my likes and dislikes are all around the place. So I’ll just rap out my latest feelings on a topic that sparks an interest on me and publish it to the worldwide web. Yes, I’ll be typing about my interests after all.

So, I thank thee sincerely for being here for this historical moment that thou shalt remember for the rest of thy amazing life.

P.S: I didn’t talk about hashtags, so I shall add them in the tag.



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