Is Bieber really that bad?

Let’s state a fact: I don’t like Justin Bieber. I don’t hate him (I used to, when he was a kid), but I just don’t like him nor his kind of music.

But! Is his music actually bad just because I (and, obviously, a lot of other people) don’t? People who don’t like Justin, also don’t like Selena Gomez or Rebecca Black or I don’t know who else.But who likes these singers? Teenagers, definitely. But why won’t they just listen to the awesomeness of older singers, like the ones you liked when you were a kid?

When was a teen or maybe a little younger, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were the hype. Most of us liked them, even if we’re too ashamed to admit it nowadays. But our older sister would bitch how we listened to trash and that Justin was better with N’Sync and how Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys were the real music. If you ask your papa, Michael Jackson was the real shit, your grandma though will disagree and put Elvis and the Beatles to a pedestal.

Yes, many artists that we hold today as “classic” were teen idols:

Elvis Presley

The Beatles

The Rolling Stones

Ricky Nelson

Tommy Steele

The Beach Boys

David Cassidy

Michael Jackson

And last but not least,

Frank Sinatra

All these were teen idols, some singers, some actors. And they were all probably hated by the older generation. It’s only normal.

While it’s okay not to like teen idols (and, it’s actually kinda creepy if you do), don’t dismiss them completely. Nobody hates the Beatles nowadays, but I’m sure many a parent blamed them for their daughter’s inexplicable behaviour and that distasteful sound that their guitars produce. “Rock ‘n roll, y’all say? Crap’s what I say…”

Teenage acts like Justin Bieber or One Direction may seem something we’ve all seen before (and we have), but newer generations can relate to them. They’re young, successful and not threatening as, say, Metallica can be. And sure, boybands are all done now, why this new hype? Well, guess what? Little girls prefer five cute little singers than one. In other parts of the world (South Korea, I’m looking at you) boy-and-girl-bands are still the norm, with major bands like Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, 2ne1, Super Junior, etc. Sure, they’re nothing you haven’t seen before, but teens haven’t and they need it.

If you remember yourself when you were a teen, you’ll recall that it’s pretty normal to dislike anything your parents or older sibling like. Your mum likes Celine Dion? You hate her! Your brother likes Nine Inch Nails? Ew, gross! You had to associate yourself with something entirely different that was modern, likeable by your friends but not from the rest of the world. You wanted to be and feel special, so you listened to whatever society shunned upon, be that teen pop idols, emo bands or death metal extravaganzas.

Contemporary music might not need a Justin Bieber, but our teenagers do.





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